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We Are Better Than The Rest

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As an independent agent and broker we work for you and your employees. Our direct access to virtually all of the insurance companies in this market enables us to design the very best employee benefits program satisfying the unique goals and requirements of your business. We know the importance of your employees and we understand the value of providing an employee benefits program that attracts and retains great employees.

Our goal is to design an employee benefits program that meets all your objectives – including cost.

As an employer providing a health plan, we know how difficult it is to select a plan that suits the needs of everyone. In some cases, combinations of HMO, EPO, POS and/or PPO plans are the answer. No single plan is right for every company. We will work with you to design an employee benefit program that provides the coverage, flexibility and cost-savings that your company and your employees are looking for.

Communication Is The Key...

Most employees are not aware of the great lengths employers go through when selecting an employee benefits plan. We have several effective ways of communicating the specifics of your new plan to your employees:

  • Hard Copy Presentations
  • Employee Meetings
  • Electronic Media
  • And More …

The key to smoothly transitioning from one plan to another is effective communication. This is one of our greatest strengths.